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Rewire You


Did you feel seen, heard, loved and understood in early


Were you encouraged to individuate into your own self or

were you shaped to be an extension of someone else’s needs?

Many of us are living from old patterns imprinted into our

cellular memory during the time we were gestated, birthed

and brought into this world. 

For some of us, there was not an inherent sense of trust in

our infancy.  If we did not experience a solid ‘holding pattern’

by our family, it disrupted our ability to simply Be - causing the

natural unfolding of our soul pattern to be disturbed.

When the ego needs to respond to and protect from lack of ‘holding’, a child’s development will be based on reactivity and protection, worry, fear and separation. 

This is the energy many are trying to create their lives from.

What would your life be like if you made choices and created instead, from coherence, love and harmony?

In Rewire You, you will:

  • Explore your birth story and the imprints you are living from.

  • Clear the deep physiologic and energetic cellular imprint of your old stories. 

  • Learn to witness and shift old patterns.

  • Learn practices to reconnect with the truth of who you are.

  • Learn to create from coherence, love and harmony

  • 1:1 one hour online zoom sessions

Investment:  $655


Contact me for a free discovery call and let's begin to transform the narrative from which you create your life.

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