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Love Me In; A Sacred Pregnancy Journal is a beautifully written journal that guides expecting parents inward on a conscious journey through reflection, meditation and heart based practices for stress reduction and centering to grow and nurture a healthy womb environment to give babies their best start. 

This sacred journey will guide you in building confidence in your own innate knowing, in bonding more deeply with your baby, in imprinting Divine qualities for long lasting life benefits, and in creating a healthy birth story to welcome your new little one into this world with love, honor and empowerment. 

Love Me In: A Sacred Pregnancy Journal reflects leading edge principles from the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. This journal is an invitation to reflect inward on the innate needs of yourself and your baby and find your balance with the Western World birthing industry.


"Every woman who is embarking on becoming a mother should be blessed with this journal to help deepen their experience. This book is grounding and provides a framework for processing and connecting to the self and baby."

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