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Donna Seegers Abler


I am passionate about helping expecting parents consciously create a thriving new life. 


Through guided meditations, reflections and heart-based practices, I guide others to grow and nurture a healthy womb environment giving baby its best start. 


I support pregnant mamas to build confidence in trusting themselves. As new mamas learn to listen to their own innate knowing, a solid foundation for baby is built to grow and thrive with healthy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development enabling them to contribute with wholeness and purpose to a heart-based Humanity.

I integrate 35 years of pediatric occupational therapy practice with 10 years of experience and training in advanced energy therapy and a certification in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Education through the Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

I have a background in preterm neonatal intensive care unit experience and infant development and combine years of researched-based medical background in sensory integration, reflex integration, neurodevelopment, infant massage and Healing Touch for Babies with leading edge prenatal and perinatal psychology, healing and holistic health and wellness practices.

I have been shaped through my own in utero experience and birth story; through consciously conceiving, carrying and miscarrying a baby; through raising three beautiful and thriving young adult daughters; through an expansive professional career; and through a rich life journey as daughter, sister, aunt, mother, wife, soul sister, guide, teacher and friend to many.

I offer speaking engagements and workshops in prenatal and perinatal psychology education and conscious pregnancy coaching.

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