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Donna Seegers Abler



If you are looking for support with:


  •  Preconception & Pregnancy 

  • Infertility, Miscarriage & Infant Loss

  • Birth Trauma Repair

  • Midlife Transitions in Motherhood

… you have found the right place.  

Welcome & Breathe.

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LOVE ME IN A Sacred Pregnancy Journal


from the mouths of mamas


"I had the honor of working with Donna as she was writing her sacred pregnancy journal, Love Me In. This was my third pregnancy.  While I felt connected to each of my babies in utero, working with Donna’s coaching allowed me to connect more deeply in ways I never expected.  Donna’s meditations and guided practices gave me permission to slow down, release stress and focus inward. I began to learn to listen deeply and trust my inner knowing again. I was in awe at the direct messages I received from Divine and from my unborn baby. I am grateful for experiencing such deep energetic and Spiritual connections with this sacred new life.”


"Donna  has a gentle touch, a soothing soul, and infinite wisdom she willing shares with her clients.  Donna offers a rebirthing meditation that helped me to shift my awareness and perspective about entering into this world. She helped  me heal and release other peoples’ responses or thoughts as I entered into this journey. I feel revived, joyous, and clear on my purpose here now. I released the trauma and drama around my entrance. Thank you Donna!  


"You simply have a gift Donna. You have a way of honoring people for who they are and where they are at. I love your way of being able to describe the energy/visions that come through you when we work together. It is something that allows me to go deeper and expand into the flow of energy. Your ability to connect and build a trusting relationship is what makes me feel so comfortable on your table.

May you continue to help people expand and allow the healing to continue.”

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